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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

FXCM Announcement | Introducing Metatrader

I just stumbled on this and I find this VERY interesting.

This could be enough for me to move some funds back to FXCM to give it a try.

I do like FXCM as a broker, my biggest beef with them wast that they did not have a trading platform that I agreed with.

Metatrader is not the best either, but I do believe it is the best free platform there is. Most traders use Metatrader, and because of that I do all of my analysis and teaching using metatratder. I will also be doing some tutorials in the free learning platform section of my site as well as advanced tutorials of how you use metatrader in the paid subscribtion area of my site.

The best means of trading the forex is by an independent data feed that is paid for from a high quality source. This is essential when trading with hundreds of thousands of dollars. For most people the Metatrade and the free platforms are just fine.

Here is the announcement:

Trading Software

FXCM plans to introduce the MetaTrader online trading platform in the beginning of 2008. Because many traders have expressed an interest in this trading platform, we would like to keep them informed of our progress. Please complete the form below if you would like us to send you information about the upcoming release of MetaTrader.

Like I said very interesting.

more videos to come very soon,

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