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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

FX Trading Videos | 422 PIPS PROFIT | Trading Is Not Always Roses


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In this Forex Trading blog post where I show another Free Forex Video we look at some live trades showing you some real proof that with the right education and the right method anyone can master the Fore Market. We will show that MISSION PHOENIX has got 422 pips of profit, and this method is so easy anyone can do it. However it is critical that one must know how the markets behave to ensure protection.

I can not stress enough that a trader needs forex education in order to succeed in currency trading. Why is it is so critical? We will see in these next videos MISSION talking about closing trades that are very successful trades all because of a specific candle formation or because of specific things that are happening in the currency pair, and on the charts.
─ How does MISSION PHOENIX know these things?
─ How does MISSION PHOENIX know that the current price movements are over?
─ How does MISSION PHOENIX know to either close the trade all together or should to move stop losses to lock in profits?

MISSION PHOENIX knows these things because:
─ Of extensive knowledge of how the markets behave,

  • I don’t have a crystal ball
  • I have just learned how to listen to the foreign language of financial charts, It is a great symphony that once you learn how to really “hear” the music you can really enjoy living to it.

─ Only using those things that work

  • I found the secret to forex trading. What it all boils down to is that all people make trading too hard.
  • This is EXCELLENT because anyone can now learn how to trade currencies in the 4x markets in a very short time
  • Only 5% of all traders know this secret, and they aren’t telling. I’m actually going to make a lot of people mad by sharing this.
    o I’m going to make even more people mad because the brokers out there and everyone else don’t want you to master the market because they want to keep taking your money.

─ having years of trading experience.

  • Now I know you may not have years of trading experience and that you want to get up to speed and start trading like a pro as soon as tomorrow.
  • Anyone may tell you that this is impossible - Well YOU CAN!
  • How you are going to do that is by finding a mentor and a teacher that can teach you all of the things that they know and not hold anything back (or at least hold back only those things that do not work).
  • What this does is takes off the years of learning the markets (the way I had to do it), and supercharges your learning curve so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes that many have.
  • This drops years off of your trading dues. Your dues that you have to pay to the all powerful trading gods that unleash fury on new traders

Just a little investment in the beginning can save you tens of thousands of dollars gaining you trading knowledge. So with some patience and some time investment and the appropriate education you can have that account balance soaring in no time.

All of this training was not around when I started and now that I have been trading successfully I see that the training out there is not sufficient enough, that is not up to my standards of what people should be learning.

Why are my standards higher? Well friends and family are wanting to start doing what I do and I can not find anyone out there who I trust to send them too. So I’ve taken this into my own hands. So I’m developing the means to give them my training, an elite training that will help them. There is only one of me though and I hope that my posts are coming fast enough for you guys. Along with my philanthropy, blogging, developing my training courses, and trading for myself, that leaves little time.

I am also committed to helping others and that drives a lot of fulfillment in my life so I volunteer a lot of my time to making a difference in other people’s lives as well. Since that is very important to me and a core value of mine that I do not want to sacrifice I also have to find time for that as well.

So back to trading. In this video I will talk about take profit orders for the first time. I don’t use them that often because I used to and found that they limited my profit potential. Here is what happens:

─ You get in at the start of a good trend and you put in a take profit order for 250 pips profit and it’s hit!

─ WHOOO HOOO, great job 250% profit

─ Then as you feel really good about yourself you go on trading

  • Here is where many people meet their fx trading challenges
  • Many people pick the wrong times to get in on other pairs and suffer minor losses but now they still have 75 pips of that 250 left
  • Then they go to check out that old chart to only find that if they would have stayed in they would have >700 pips profit.
  • Ugh! Right!? If you would have only stayed in then you wouldn’t have had those small losses and on and on and on.

─ This is the real life of trading!!!! No one will tell you this and they will hide it in their systems that they tell you about

─ They also will not tell you that it’s never perfect, I was being very generous with the above example. Usually traders loose all of their profits plus some when they move on and try to trade other things.

Those systems out there give you the signals and they look good on paper but look at the time frame that they are on and ask yourself some questions about what trading style that is.

─ Are you at your charts for those periods of time?

─ By the time you would have gotten to your charts could you have entered a position in enough time to make a profitable trade?

─ What about the exit signal

  • Are you checking your charts are that time?
  • By the time you would have gotten to your charts would it still be a profit?

─ How about the trading style?

  • Do you have to sit at your charts looking for these trading opportunities for hours upon hours?
  • Does your wife, family, or friends complain that you work all day and then you sit at your charts all night?

─ Those systems look all great on paper, but in real life they stink

─ Really evaluate them and try to apply real life to the trades, you will find that most of the time you will lose and lose big when they are claiming great profits

So Lets Set The Record Straight

You will watch:
─ MISSION PHOENIX get into trades late
─ MISSION PHOENIX get out of trades late
─ MISSION PHOENIX be very imperfect
─ MISSION PHOENIX make mistakes on a daily basis
─ MISSION PHOENIX win big in the forex currency trading market.

How can I win so big with such a lazy proven system?
─ Because I’m a “little” lazy and I HATE to loose.
─ I sought out my method and my education and tailored it specifically for me

  • Guess what; I have found that there are a whole bunch of people out there just like me.

This works for anyone and when I started talking with some of my trader friends I found that I was making just as much as them or blowing them out of the water.

In this video we are going to see some more trades that I’m in, 5 of them if I remember correctly. MISSION PHOENIX will also show you that as traders we sometime see some losses during the trade. Does that mean that we close the trade for a loss? No it doesn’t! Not unless there is something telling you that you should close the trade (how do you know if something is telling you, because you use your education and know that the market is telling you that there is nothing wrong and to not close what is going to be a winning position, or it could tell you the opposite and alert you to get out).

In these trades We have 500+ pips profit and we will see that We have an open trade with 99+ pips loss for a total 422 pips profit in trades in 1.5 days!

Now we might stay in these trades for days or weeks? Depends, we will see, but my hunch says “NO” (Really It’s Not a Hunch, I Don’t Have Hunches, there is something telling me that these trends are close to over) and we will look at that in the video as well. I am preconditioned on these trades to jump ship at any sign of things not working out.

Why? Well we will talk about trading mentality versus the specific situation at hand and how we know things could reverse on us for a substantial correction at any time.

This is very important in trading and the key to much success and failure. Just this post alone is worth so much, and you will never get this teaching in a seminar, I’ve taken most of them and the stuff they don’t want you to know, what I’m sharing right here in this blog is what makes and keeps profits, and there is even more that I want to share with you.

We will see how emotionless I am during these trades and with profits and losses:
─ How I am able to do this?
─ What protection mechanism am I using?
─ What is it that has been kept a secret from you?

This is really cool stuff guys. Let me know what you think, feel free to leave comments on the blog below. I read all comments.

Let me know what issues you have in keeping those profits that they do not teach you how to protect, and we’ll see about getting that worked out for you.

I hope you enjoy the video; it is long at 29:12 in length.

Live abundantly and then share that abundance.

Forex Training Forex Trading

Video is 29:12 in length


Alex Wong said...

Hi, you mentioned several times that markets moves in waves. Do you use Elliott Wave Theory in your analysis in that case?

Mission said...

Hello Alex,

Yes, I love Elliot Wave Analysis and it is at the heart of my trading method. I will be teaching the ins and outs of Elliot wave analysis in my courses Mastering Forex Trading

Elliot Wave and Fibonacci Analysis do very well in the Forex Market

Alex Wong said...

Hi, I love Elliott Wave Analysis too, and have been working to use it in my trading. I agree with you that EW works brillantly on the Forex Market. :)