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Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Trials of a New Forex Trader - Another Case for True Forex Training

The Trials of a New Forex Trader - Another Case for True Forex Training

For this post I wanted to share a good post from a beginner out there in the market. Sometimes I take for granted my method, my education, and my results. It's hard fore me to remember the days of so much uncertainty and all of this seams so simple now. It is very important that you get to sit beside a professional from time to time. To actually do this costs extreme amounts of money, however there are a few professional traders out there that deliver this type of service through the internet via videos. It is vital that mentorship be a part of training. It takes time to start seeing the same things that the profession starts seeing. You can be trained but then people forget, they have to see how the whole thing is put together, time and time again.

Like I said there are mentorship programs out there that are pretty good. I have only found one of them that I sort of like, and I barely found that one. Remember these guys are making tons of money and could careless whether other people out there get it or not. You must find someone who is more interested in teaching and helping others as a driver. There are very few individuals out there that feel this way and that do this. That is why I am here, I'm driven to help my friends and family, and in doing so the means in which I am getting this done lends itself to everyone out there in the world.

So I found this blog post by Colin McGinley. The following is quoted and taken directly from him, and I am not the author of any of the following. Colin did a great job capturing what it is like as a new trader without knowledge and education and utilizing a method that gets you consistent results and prevents you from trading during the times that most people loose all of their gains.

Written by Colin McGinley
My first post of the new year is going to be of the slightly grisly kind. I am going to break down some of the figures that come from my trading results during December 2007.

If you read my blog last month you’ll know that I completely lost control of my trading situation and basically imploded my trading account.

Hopefully I’ll be able to focus on more positive, forward looking topics soon but I have posted a monthly review of my performance each and every month on this blog and I think it is important that I do so as usual. It sort of marks the end of one stage of my trading career and the start of another. After such a traumatic event nothing can ever be the same again.

I closed out 25 entries during December. Only eight of these entries were closed out in positive territory. Fully 14 of those entries were fatefully closed out when I threw in the towel on my positions on December 19.

My account return for the month was -79.09%. To get the true impact of my disastrous December this is what my account equity for the whole of last year looks like on a graph:

The simplified, short hand version is that I was overleveraged and did not handle my losses well at all.

There were many minor errors and mistakes in the prior weeks that culminated in this undesirable result. My trading had become ragged. I needed a break from trading to recharge my batteries but didn’t do so. I didn’t avail myself of the opportunity to extradite myself from the situation when I had the chance. I was pushing myself too hard. I was becoming impatient. I didn’t follow my gut. I didn’t step back and see the bigger picture often enough.

Obviously I want to try and make sure that I don’t make the same mistakes again going forward.

It’s pretty easy to quantify the ways in which this experience has not been pleasant at all. Losing money is never nice. Losing lots of money is even worse. Having to tell your spouse exactly how much money you’ve just lost is something I don’t ever want to have to do again. Especially when future use of that money was linked to potentially moving house or your child’s education.

You doubt if you have what it takes to be a successful trader. Your confidence takes a severe blow.

On the other hand there a few positives that can be taken from the situation. In a way I have the opportunity to completely reboot my trading approach. I can step back and examine my whole trading plan. I can pick over two years worth of trading results to try and determine what things worked well for me and what were my weaknesses.

I am currently putting in place tweaks to my trading plan, mainly on the money management side. The plan for the immediate future is to lock in these changes and to slowly start building back up my confidence by getting back into the market.

I just really love this post, and Colin I'm working hard to get you on the right track. As many of you have mentioned to me I haven't posted anything in a little while. I have been working frantically along with trying to trade on developing a course for you guys. I know my profits are unlike anyone else out there and you want to know how I do it. It very simple, yes it is, and I want to teach. So I've been hard at work developing the course for all of you. It is going to be quite thorough and well I think awesome. I can't wait to start hearing the success stories. So stay posted and we are going to start making some great profits.

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