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Saturday, January 19, 2008

Live trades - 380 pips Profit!!! - Free Forex Training Video

Live trades - 380 pips Profit!!! - Free Forex Training Video

This is another video showing the analysis of the CAD/JPY and the GBP/JPY and real trades. Here I am managing my trades. I just took a look at what the charts were doing and decided to make a video of it because things were starting to reverse on me and when these signals start happening there is no telling how far it will retrace.

It is very easy to trade when the currencies are trending, I only trade during trending periods because it is so easy to make so much profit. I have found that, when people start to try to trade during corrective time frames that even though the general direction was correct and the trade entry was correct, the currency does not behave in the appropriate manner and makes the trader go through very wide ranging swings. This in turn is very hard on the trader's emotions and the trader closes out the trade for a loss or stop losses are misplaced and hit.

Enjoy the video we are doing quite well this month. I ended up closing out these trades immediately after the video for 380 pips profit.

It is very important that traders invest in their eduction. What that investment is does not have to cost a lot of money. However what a trader MUST invest in that does cost something substantial is time. Time is absolutely one of the most important aspects to trading. Don't get me wrong I only want you spending about 15 min maximum looking at charts and trading at a time, but it takes time, it takes months of 15 min sittings looking at charts. This then becomes experience and it is only experience that make you a good trader.

No can we shorten the time that it takes to become a good trader? Well for that it would require somehow sitting with an experienced trader and seeing the analysis done in the same manner that you were trained.

I have not been able to find out there in this world a place where you can receive this type of education that specifically teaches how to trade with a longer term trading and a shorter term investing approach that also mentors it's students over any desired time frame, for a reasonable monetary cost to the students. There are a few programs out there, but the style of trading they teach you require that you sit in front of your computer for hours on end and trading on charts that are much more noisy and make you incur more losses. They also cost a fortune.

Because of this injustice to the consumer and because this is special knowledge that all the free forex learning sites out there will not give you mission phoenix is developing course ware at this very moment that starts at the beginning and take you to professional level. Mission Phoenix is also going to be mentoring you and you get to decide on what level, weekly, or daily. Mission Phoenix wants you to not spend an fortune on your investment education and therefor is developing a lifetime membership of mentorship and coaching that is far less than the cost of many seminars and internet coaching packages out there.

So stay tuned for good things to come!

Live abundantly and then share that abundance!

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