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Thursday, June 5, 2008

So you want to "Learn Forex Trading"

So you want to "Learn Forex Trading".

The way to learn currency trading is the exact same way that all the great, successful people out there tell you how they became successful in what they did. Take anyone, Robert Allen, Robert Kiyosaki, Anthony Robins, Napoleon Hill, the list goes on and on. The secret to being successful is to:
  1. Align yourself with someone who is successful, someone who proves results to model and learn after
  2. Get a "plan," use a strategy, a system, that will allow you to repeat the result of those that are already successful.
Beyond that, I would suggest reading Napoleon Hill's "Thing and Grow Rich." In it there a couple of key points that critical to success among those that I think are important:
  1. Desire - You must passionately desire what you want
  2. Imagine - You must imagine, visualize, and feel the feelings of already having that desire
  3. Take Action - You must take action, start learning about how to accomplish that desire
  4. Formulate a Plan - You must formulate a plan, and borrow one if you don't have one, and place that plan into action
  5. Persistence - Thomas Edison reached 10,000 failures before perfecting the light bulb, when you meet with temporary defeat, truly successful, the truly rich view that temporary failure as an opportunity to try out the next plan until they find the plan that works for them to create abundance!
You have to develop a strategy in the 4x day trading, having the right forex trading system is
critical to anyone's success. If you don't have that forex trading strategy then you can borrow one from some who is already found success in the forex market.

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