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Friday, December 14, 2007

Forex Trading Systems | Forex Software - What's the difference?

Free Forex Training 102 - Forex Trading Systems Forex Software - what's the difference?What core things do successful Forex Traders know?

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I found a good press release today that has some good comments that I wanted to share with you. I have bolded some of the key points that are important in forex trading.

Below is a direct quote from the press release:

"There has been significant bad press specifically on forex trading software, and there are certainly some scams online to be aware of, however there are most definitely bonafide options as well. Using forex trading software and systems eliminates the risk involved in currency trading, as Andreas Kirchberger of Forex Killer states "proven software which does the thinking for you and therefore eliminates the human error factor".

There are essentially 3 main factors of successful forex trading software and systems. Firstly selecting your term of trading is crucial to your currency trading success. There are essentially 3 time frames: long term, medium term and short term. The long term trader will hold on to their currency for months. The short term trader, sometimes known as a scalper, is seeking quick fire trades and immediate profits. The medium term trade is the lowest risk option, and require the least amount of capital to realize profits.

Justin Kuepper, a contributor to, suggests favouring a medium term trade will "help you save money and ultimately become a profitable retail forex trader".Secondly, analysis of technical statistics is required. The currency marketplace is essentially a continuous supply of data which needs to be interpreted and correctly exploited for profit. One needs to be able to understand market fluctuations and be aware of key indicators of a market swing.

This is the attraction of forex trading software, as it will interpret this data and help you make educated decisions on future trades more frequently.Finally, timing of your trades is crucial to your success. John Chen of Profitable Trend Forex System attributes timing in terms of joining a trend as a key ingredient in currency trading success. There are essentially two main orders or decisions one needs to incorporate in one's forex trading system, theses are 'stop loss' and 'take profit'. 'Stop loss' is an order to cease trading when the currency reaches a certain point. 'Take profit' is a more conservative approach to a market upswing, which will result in profit, but not risk a massive collapse." This article comes from and is referencing the website. I did not write the article I am just citing it and want to document where it comes from.

This is a really good article/press release that has some really good points about what profitable forex traders do. Here is my summation and added comments to this article.

  1. Forex has gotten some bad press lately - The forex market is a wonderful market, lets get that straight first. However, there are scams and questionable brokers around every courner. With the right education you can identify these with ease and have a great forex experience.
  2. It is not illustrated well and I will clarify this more in my following Forex Trading Software vs. Forex Tading Systems post - There is a big difference between forex trading software and forex trading systems. One step farther is that there is a big difference in following a forex system blindly or actually knnowing everything about that system and the trading methodology. This only comes from quality Forex Training, this type of forex training is rarely free. If the demand is great enough and you would really like to learn more about forex training, I have an idea that could give you the forex training for less than your monthly starbucks cost. But I won't waste my time if no one is interested so please contact me.
  3. Your term of trading - or your trading style (scalper vs. swing trader vs. investor) makes a big difference in your time investment, your stress levels, and your forex career. What I share with you is going to the medium term style as is what you can do easily without quiting your current job, it takes very little time per day to do, and you can produce expert level gains and results with this term.
  4. The medium term forex stylecombines the best of the highest reward with the lowest risk (scalpers have the lowest risk, however they also have the lowest profits per trade. They make up with this by the number of trades they make - sometimes a hundred+ per day, we don't have this kind of time to invest and we can do the same with a few minutes per day).
  5. Technical analysis of statistics is required (in our language technical analysis is required). That sounds really hard, but if you see that this line "/" is sloping up and this line "\" is sloping down, then you can do technical analysis.
  6. Successful traders uses analysis to determine when to enter and exit trades
  7. Some people use Forex Trading Software to give them signals. I personaly do not trust software, and I know for a fact that it does not always work!!! I will explain this in my following Forex Trading Software vs. Forex Tading Systems post. Trading software tells you when to buy and sell. Easy right,,,,that's what I want!!!! Well it's not that easy. These systems work well during trending markets. So you can make huge gains during a trend, and when you get to a correction you end up loosing it all if not more. OUCH!!! Yes I have been there.
  8. People use Forex Trading Systems to trade by looking at the technical analysis indicators and getting buy and sell signals from those indicators. When looking at the charts you can also take into account other little things, like cases. "Well in this case you would do xxxxxxx, and in that case you would do yyyyyyy" This is something that Forex Trading Software does not do a good job it. It is not human and cannot make those type of descisions.
  9. #8 leads me to this point and that is that taking the last bolded item of the article. Taking the signals (timing) in context or in conjuction with the overall trend of the market is very key to a Forex trader's success. Always go in the direction of the trend and trade with common sense, something a computer does not have. This may all be greek to you but with the right forex training this becomes very elementary and easy.

I have developed over 40 automatic trading advisors, I am an engineer by education and know a thing or two about computer programming. It has taken me a very long time to develop a trading advisor that works. I'm in the long phase of testing it. It is the closest thing to being intelligent enough to know to only trade during tending markets and to not trade during corrective periods.

Trading advisor & automatic trading programs (they execute the trades for you while you are out on the beach) are very hard to come by, the ones that are profitable and work are worth millions of dollars and will only be sold for that. It is much easier for you (unless you have a couple of million dollars to purchase one of these) to gain your forex training and start trading on the medium term time frame.

Forex Training - will never fail you (only your emotions will)

Forex Systems without education - Will produce profits, and will produce losses, you are at the mercy of how much either of those are by cercumstance and luck.

Forex Software - Same as the forex system but can get you into bigger trouble due to the fact that you could be in a corrective period and the software could give you numerous false signals resulting in numberous consecutive loosing trades.

Get you forex education is by for the best means of creating a successful forex career. You won't need anything else except a computer and an internet connection.

If you are interested in me creating a good educational source please contact me. You guys/gals have been great so far and I just wanted to thank you for coming to my blog, you inspire me.

Live abundantly and then share that wealth with those who need it.
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